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DisplayListSend - Set bug which filed to give "File not uncovered" error once the file was lacking. Resulted in "No file need to have updating" concept.

DisplayList for TPSG - Set bug where by if only manifest file was lacking, it wouldn't be sent reporting "No files should be up to date".

Documentation - Extra notes to all abilities which use S_CMVPT structures that they are not readily available via VB or scripting with alternatives exactly where proper.

When incorporating a Check XX Sign up for command, prompt the user so as to add affiliated gatherings Until an party for that be part of is presently existing. Formerly only checked sort so at the time just one electronic was checked, the person wouldn't be prompted any more.

Optimized some initial relationship operations to speed up detection and remove some doable difficulties.

Set serial communications exactly where they may get caught. In some cases (soon after big flows of information?) the message handler would be flooded with messages telling it information was ready. Now once we Prepared info through the port, we fluch any remaining "Facts Prepared" messages.

Preset FirmwareUpdate for TPS command strategy. Now we await "ebooting." before get in touch with stick to reboot. This ensures we try to eat everything coming back in advance of wanting to detect With all the machine is all over again.

Set bug exactly where website using passto by using a serial car-detect connection to a processor not working at 115200 wouldn't get out of passto appropriately.

Extra error examining in CheckAbilitySupport connect with so if not essentially connected to a tool, an error is provided rather then just that it does not help the talents asked for.

CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - As a result of no cost command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF improved timeout to 15s from 5s. Demonstrated to take just around 5s.

Fixed bug working with downloading a challenge. Current Functioning folder not set so audio information were missing.

Come across Signal dialog experienced several details of crashing. Also produced it easier to develop the record by double clicking or hitting enter or clicking Okay. Also included text when no signals are discovered.

Included checks in ParentRequestPassTo to avoid a crash if called on a session using a immediate deal with.

Mounted bug with keysets in which They could not get defaulted effectively when upgrading from more mature TB versions.

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